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About Us

LittleStreams Ltd. was founded by Home Tutor Rebekah Humphrey-Bullen M.T.A. and Graphic Designer & Writer Samuel Lovegrove.


We build Learning Resources in the subject of Mathematics for Teachers, Tutors and Parents. We are a new company, and we have a blue sky ambition to grow and contribute to a positive change and evolution in the combined sectors of education, design and media.


Our endeavours in one area benefit another. For example, our passion for the creation of powerful graphic design materials feeds incalculable amounts of knowledge back into our production of educational materials for students both young and adult. Materials that are truly fit for a modern 21st Century learning environment.


Examples of how Learning Resources need to evolve are as follows:


Excessive colour use, excessive clip-art and cluttered layouts can effect concentration and can even insult a student's natural intelligence. This is especially true to learners of typically basic subjects, such as Fractions and Decimals, who may not be as young as the learning materials may assume. Imagine being a young adult who attends college to brush up on how to handle finances, and your learning materials are covered in kiddish clip-art. Just because a student might not know how to add a fraction, doesn't mean they are not intelligent.


Another example is in simple language usage, by keeping words simple and reducing passive language in favour of language that invites thought and analysis, we can engage a reader on a much stronger level and ensure learning is efficient and leads to a satisfied student whose mind has been sparked with how their new knowledge can be applied. This is why we put thinking statements at the bottom of every worksheet we make.


We hope that you will take a look around our Online Store of Learning Resources. We make more all of the time, and would love to hear any feedback or question that you may have. Simply contact us using the contact page.


Thank you for reading.

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